Dirty Hand Tools™ has closed their doors!

After nearly a decade of producing high quality log splitters & mowers, Dirty Hand Tools has closed their doors forever and they're no longer manufacturing power equipment. If you are looking for comparable log splitters we highly recommend these "in stock" splitters. If you're looking for commercial grade mowers, look at these top-of-the-line zero-turn mowers by Swisher & BravePro. Let us know if you have any questions or need helping finding something else!

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Who was Dirty Handle Tools™?

There is no state more rugged than Colorado, and this is where Frictionless World, LLC founded the Dirty Hand Tools™ brand. For many years they manufactured robust, dependable log splitters, post hole diggers, and trail cutters. Dirty Hand Tools was heavily focused on making labor jobs easier on the laborers! Frictionless World launched the DHT brand in 2012 with a focus on designing their tools with precision and building them with high-quality materials, truly ensuring that every product would last. They warrantied all of their workmanship, engines, motors, and hydraulic components. Dirty Hand Tools were made to cut, dig, drill, or shred their way through the work over and over again. The company stood by the products they made, and we were sorry to see them close shop in 2019.