Dosko™ Stump Grinders & Wood Chippers For Sale

Dosko commercial grade products have been considered some of the highest quality stump grinders and wood chippers on the market for more than three decades.

Beyond the quality, power and durability of Dosko products, one of the best things about this line is that every stump grinder and wood chipper is assembled and welded right here in the United States of America. So, you can be confident that your new Dosko rig is built by some of the best designers, engineers, and crew in the industry.

Isn't it nice to know that all of those Dosko product reviews you've been reading are true? Select from a variety of their industry leading stump grinders and wood chippers, below.

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More About Dosko Stump Grinders and Wood Chippers

When Dosko began manufacturing back in 1983, it wasn't long before the logging industry considered Dosko rigs as truly top quality machines. There really should be no surprise about this; though, Dosko products are built by hard working Americans who understand the importance of power, integrity, and durability.

Manufactured just outside the capitol of Minneapolis, Minnesota, in a small city called Fairbault, you'll be able to bet your last dollar that these folks appreciate a stump grinder or wood chipper - and a large supply of firewood to help them get through some of the most brutally cold winters in the lower 48.

You've read the Dosko product reviews, you've done the research, you know that you'll be hard pressed to find a higher quality industrial wood chipper or stump grinder ... what are you waiting for?