Timber Champ™ Log Splitters For Sale

Timber Champ log splitters are the height of kinetic electric log splitting technology and innovation. Not only are you going to be getting the same amount of splitting force and power out of a Timber Champ splitter that you would be getting out of a traditional gas powered log splitter of equal tonnage, you'll be getting a much more efficient wood splitter over all.

When you choose to buy a Timber Champ log splitter, you are choosing a compact, environmentally intelligent machine, too.

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More About Timber Champ Log Splitters

The ultimate choice for compact electric log splitters, you will be sure to appreciate how much time and effort you are surely going to save when you start using your new Timber Champ log splitter.

Now, when you are in the mood for a romantic fire light dinner, a cozy snuggle and a book before a cheerily crackling hearth fire, a fun gathering of friends and family around the fire pit on summer evenings, get it all - and more - from one of our Timber Champ wood splitting machines.

So, whether you prefer splitting "as needed" quantities or you prefer keeping a larger supply of firewood stacked away for rainy days, you can not go wrong with this small but mighty rig.