Why You Should Own an Electric Log Splitter

Since the creation of fire, society has constantly been in need of firewood, and plenty of it. While traditional manual wood splitting has been the standard and has stood the test of time, the 21st century has brought along safer and more efficient ways to split wood. One of the best ways available today is with a top of the line, electric log splitter. An ideal combination of efficiency and cost effectiveness, there are many reasons why a log splitter is the perfect upgrade no matter how much wood splitting you do.

Similar to gas powered log splitters, these machines take the manual labor out of wood splitting and factor in the science and efficiency of how a log should be split. The use of an electric motor allows for many benefits to the log splitting process. One of the most convenient parts about having an electric splitter is that it can be used both outdoors and indoors. As long as you have access to a standard electrical outlet, you can use this type of splitter in any place possible. Another great feature about these splitters is the operating noise levels. The electric motor allows for a much quieter operating system so you can split wood at any time without bothering the neighbors or your family.

If cost is a point of concern for you, than an electric splitter is the perfect option for you to upgrade to. Being considerably cheaper than a gas powered log splitter, you are bound to find an electric splitter than will meet your needs and fall into your financial budget. with a variety of option you can find these machines for as cheap as $540, while top of the line models can still cost you only $1500.

For the best in cost and performance, you can't go wrong than the line of electric log splitters from Wood Splitter Direct. With a variety of different models ranging in price and performance, we guarantee you will find exactly what you are looking for. With outstanding models like this 16 ton ram splitter that provides 32,000 pounds of force and comes with option 4 way wedges, or the smaller 10 ton boss industrial dual action splitter with 20,000 pounds of force and 3200 PSI of pressure, these models are sure to meet your needs without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for a more efficient way to split wood without it costing an arm and a leg, you can't go wrong with the wide selection of outstanding electric log splitters from Wood Splitter Direct.